Most people have many book club questions. What are they? How do you choose reading selections? What books do you recommend? How do I start one? And what about online book clubs? Here, your top five book club questions are answered.

Question #1: What is a Book Club?

On it’s most basic level, it is a group of people who get together every so often to talk about literature. They are sometimes also called reading groups or book discussion clubs. Most book groups ask all the members to read the same book selection and talk about it together at a meeting once a month or every other month.

Question #2: What book club is right for me?

Not all book clubs read exclusively literary fiction. There are also genre reading groups for fans of non-fiction, history, military, mysteries, romances, science fiction, fantasy, Christian literature, and many other genres. Choose the reading group that’s right for you! If you can’t find one, get one started.

Question #3: How do you choose reading selections?

Browse book websites for reading selection recommendations. You can also ask your local librarian, many libraries have special programs for reading groups. Other ways to discover good books are through book awards like the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction or the National Book Awards.

Question #4: How do I start a book group?

Ask around. Maybe your friends already belong to a reading group you could join. Or start one by asking your friends, and having them ask their friends. Then just set some ground rules, determine a meeting schedule, and make your reading selections and you’re good to go!

Question #5: What is an online book club?

These are typically a service you enroll in, and as a member you have the option of buying books at discounted prices. These services also help you decide what to read with recommended selections, reviews and author interviews.

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