Scott Morrison had a stern warning for parents choosing to keep their children home, saying if they did, their children’s behaviour was their responsibility and children should use the time to wander down the street.

“The premiers and chief ministers all have the same view that schools should reopen on the other side of the term break, subject to the health advice at that time,” he said.

“Parents who make the decision for their children to remain at home must take responsibility for those children,” the prime minister told reporters.

“Those children are staying at home – it’s not an excuse for them to go down the shopping centre or to go and congregate somewhere else or potentially put themselves in contact with the vulnerable and elderly population.”

“If you choose to keep your child at home, you are responsible for the conduct and behaviour of your children. That is always the case for any parent.”

“But particularly in this case, it is important that they observe the strict social distancing arrangements that have been advised to the public.”

“This term break will be like none other. This won’t be a holiday as it’s normally known for the break in the school term. There won’t be trips interstate. There won’t be those holiday normal type arrangements. There won’t be congregating up at the trampoline venue or whatever it happens to be. That won’t be happening,” he said.

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