That feeling when you face your anxiety head on and get done with those pesky adult responsibilities! SUCH A GOOD FEELING AHHHHHHH 😤. I’d say I’ve got dancey pants, but I’m not wearing pants here CAUSE I DANCED RIGHT OUT OF THEM. (Low key hate pants though lol first thing to get yeeted when I get home in favor of comfy short shorts 🙊) It’s been a gloomy day but we getting some shi- done!!! FIGHTING SPIRIT GO! Okay well I’ll be honest I’m trying to hype myself up to have that fighting spirit, the morning was productive but then I ate food andddd nowwww I’m all squirmy about getting a bunch of editing done. But at least I can watch HAIKYUU!!!!! And maybe by the time I’m done watching the new season while I finish editing photos, I’ll have watched Hinata so much that I’ll feel so guilty about not having styled his wig that I’ll actually style the dang thing. Cause legit its been sitting on a wig head for two weeks just waiting….staring at me…..oop. But then I can be my hyperactive volleyball boi!!! ALSO super exciting news that I will y’all even MORE about later is that I’m an official guest at @capcitycomic ! March 20-22 In Victoria British Columbia Canada! SO IF YOURE IN THE AREA you should totally come by! I’m gonna have a booth! And do some Panels and I’m just super duper excited! I’ll keep you guys more updated when we get closer to the convention date!
So yeah this post is all over the place but so is my brain so HAH. I don’t bruh just I don’t even know 😂🤣😂🤣 LOVE YA
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  1. WWWOOOO CANT WAIT FOR HINATaA!! I just started watching haikyuu recently and I’m about half way through the manga so I’m soooooo excited for your cosplay! Looking great as always 🖤🖤

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