Uncertainty is uncomfortable. It creates missing links between two events or two thoughts in the mind. Mind, which is used to continuity, is unaccustomed to deal with discontinuity even if it is a temporary stagnation in the flow of its data. Discontinuity prevents the mind to make a particular experience complete. Mind finds solace in full stops. It wants to put full stops either by labeling or by forming conclusions. Why? Full stops or conclusions restore the equilibrium and maintain homeostasis of mind.

The modern world and its technology driven life styles exhorts the culture of quick fixes. It creates low levels of threshold for tolerance for uncertainty in newer generations. Electronic gadgets have nullified distances to a choking uncomfortable closeness between individuals and physical distance is not at all deemed as the yard stick to gauge the separation. As long as they are connected by gadgets individuals are not at all apart from each other. Distance between exam and exam result, distance between election and its result has been commuted and people are no longer familiar with uncertainty. Results of everything are declared so fast that individuals forget the art of waiting patiently. Instead, waiting impatiently and restlessly has become a way of expressing one's "busy" ness in a world where everything even breathing is a matter of business. Substituting artificial for natural has become so natural that being natural is viewed as something meant for ascetic groups who always try to return to the nature of their origin.

Invasion of science over religion and spirituality is only another attempt of mortal minds to resolve the riddle cast by existential uncertainty. Still, attempt never succeeded and science had to share an equal space with religion / spirituality each, promising to complement each other's view and co-exist without contradicting but reconciling.

Tolerance for uncertainty has much to do with one's own ability for delaying gratification. Remaining uncertain about a thing is tantamount to depriving mind of an opportunity for deriving contentment. Uncertain of dealing with uncertainty some people try to push the discomfiture under the carpet and douse their antenna of alertness and expectation with denial. By doing so, they temporarily get rid of uncomfortable excitement and obsession created by incomplete experiences. It's a healthy way of dealing with the nagging pain of being crumbled by incomplete information. But accepting it as a habit of dealing with uncertain things, blunts creative impulses. In that sense uncertainty has the potency to boost inquisitiveness. Withholding consequences / rewards some teachers heighten the alertness of students and use the situation to keep them focused.

But things are not so when uncertainty behind an issue is shared by more than one individual. The hassles created by uncertainty weaken when two or more individuals are not certain of the cause or the consequence of certain issue. Such kinds of uncertainty prevail in many social issues. For example uncertainty stretching itself out between the formulation of policies and the implementation of the same has drastic social repercussions and mock at the possibility for development.

Different minds deal with uncertainty in different ways. Anticipating the bad consequences and pre-designing means for dealing with them is one way. Insecure minds prefer this. Uncertainty has the power to take the form of pathology if the ill omen and phobia of bad consequences mar the normal cognitive functioning and thwart emotional stability of individuals.

The best way to deal with uncertainty is conforming one's own ways of dealing with uncertainty to the basic nature of uncertainty itself. The range of possibility for resolving a particular uncertainty by available human resources determines the basic nature of uncertainty. Compatibility of resources with this basic nature of uncertainty is the unique factor which determines the realistic element in the act of dealing with uncertainty. More realistic dealings with the uncertainties of life demand quality of patience and readiness to view the issue from broader perspectives.

Overuse of ineffective ways of dealing with uncertainties may lead to a pattern of response where constructive ways of dealing become a casualty. One has to train oneself to deal with uncertainties in this modern world where waiting for something is deemed as waste of time. But, waiting till the time is ripe is the fundamental quality of nature. Each and every aspect of having waits patiently for its turn. Aligning oneself to nature helps nurturing well-being and happiness.

One's inability for delaying gratification and dealing successfully with uncertainty stems mainly from egoistic / narcissist ways of thinking. It is rather a failure of the individual to weigh himself against this universe and succumb to the fragility and limitations of the mortal being he / she is. Tuning oneself with one's own existential purposes will verily qualify a person to face uncertainties of this life with an equanimity needed for well-being and happiness. For this to materialize individuals should cultivate the habit of contemplating over uncertain ways of uncertainties including death which is the king of all uncertainties.

Source by Jeny Rapheal

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